Princess Cruises betray Medallion Class Ocean Holidays on Regal Princess

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In Nov 2017, Princess Cruises are rolling out state-of-the art wearable record that streamlines a cruising knowledge before we have even left home. The use will start in Nov 2017 on house Regal Princess and afterwards be rolled out to other ships in 2018.

Regal Princess
Regal Princess

What is it?

The practical concierge use lives in a coin-sized medallion. It might demeanour tiny though it is so packaged with record that it can totally change a face of a cruising knowledge by charity a array of opt-in services.

The medallion, that can be ragged as a watch bracelet, a shave or on a necklace or even usually carried in a slot facilitates a no-check in experience, customised dining and a ability to buy anything from food to swimming goggles and have them delivered to your object lounger.

OCEAN Medallion Bracelet – Spa Visit

Also, guest can crop sell such as photos, sauna services and excursions from any Ocean Compass (this could be a mobile device, browser, stateroom TV or open areas) during any time before, during and even after a cruise.

And when we wish to accommodate adult with a rest of your party, a device will locate friends and family wherever they occur to be on a journey ship.

In a nutshell Ocean Medallion is your practical concierge. Here’s what we can expect:

Get prepared before we leave home

Ocean Ready: You upload your support and make your preferences know before we leave home so by a time we get to a boat we usually travel on. The boat will already know all it needs to know about you.

OCEAN Embarkation - Regal Princess
OCEAN Embarkation – Regal Princess

Invisible transactions

Medallion Pay: Paying is usually a matter of comparing your credit cards with a medallion. A arrange of direct-debit complement is in place so that there are no apparent transaction being done during a indicate of purchase. Not usually can we supplement your credit cards, though also prerogative cards, present cards and modernized remuneration services.

Order whatever we wish from wherever we are

Here and Now: Order your food and get it delivered to wherever we are. Or if we forgot your sunscreen, or if a kids have left their goggles during home, we can have these things delivered to we by a pool.

Order whatever we wish to be delivered wherever we will be

There and Then: Or sequence your food for a time in a future. For instance if we are formulation to attend a onboard theatre, we can sequence a potion of booze that will be watchful for we during a show.

OCEAN Medallion Bracelet
OCEAN Medallion Bracelet

Find your friends

Ocean Navigate helps we keep tabs on your group. If we opt-in to plcae formed services, you’ll never remove lane of friends and family on your Medallion Class Ocean Holidays ship. Accessible by your Compass, Ocean Navigate is an discretionary underline that allows we to locate your celebration anywhere on house around their Ocean Medallions. So we can give your kids a small leisure and yourself assent of mind.

I will usually contend this once

Your Own Ocean Concierge: Imagine usually observant it once afterwards saying your needs met seamlessly after that. Not usually that, Ocean Concierge sends we suggestions, entice to events and activities onboard and ashore.

CLICK HERE to find out some-more about Medallion Class Ocean Holidays

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