35m. euros investment by Aviva Solution Group in surrogate pilots to forestall 100m. euros losses

In 2016 Lufthansa reported that a singular six-day-long commander strike cost a airline 100 million euros ($118 million). It was a 15th time in dual years when pilots during a Lufthansa group’s namesake airline had walked out in a extensive conflict led by a internal union.  And bequest carriers are distant from a usually ones pang from what some-more and some-more experts call “trade kinship blackmail”. Recent moody cancellations due to a reported commander rostering issues will strictly drain a low-cost hulk Ryanair by approx. 35 million euros ($41 million) in arrangement pay-outs and other costs.

Whilst airline bosses are sealed in battles with kinship leaders over compensate and a alleviation of several already rather “cushy” operative conditions, attention experts are seeking new solutions to discharge a ever-hanging hazard of these extreme commander trade unions once and for all. “One of a probable options – surrogate pilots, who could get their training financed by airlines and then, in time of need, step in to reinstate their colleagues on strikes, save airlines millions of dollars and, many importantly, offer a needs of no longer undone passengers,” says a long-standing aviation business veteran and Chairman of a Board during Avia Solutions Group Gediminas Ziemelis.

Unbending trade unions – a chocking collar for airlines
Nowadays, many pilots operative for airlines are members of not usually usually local, though also general trade unions. After all, estimable arrangement packages concede them to simply cover partially high membership fees which, in turn, yield unions with substantial supports required to keep a services of rarely paid lawyers and so negotiate a best-crafted contracts. As a result, many carriers are forced into agreements prohibiting them to franchise organisation for anniversary peaks, settle daughter airline subsidiaries but kinship blessing and practice other rights typically enjoyed by enterprises handling in many other business industries.

“Just suppose if a vast IT provider that serves chief powerplants (another high-risk industry) had to stoop to kinship final not to sinecure outmost work force, even theme to a unexpected augmenting workload. You contingency agree, that would make no clarity whatsoever. But somehow, in aviation, it seems to be utterly a norm…” says Gediminas Ziemelis.

Commercial commander – one of a many overpaid veteran in a West?
According to G. Ziemelis, nonetheless unions are quick to justify their augmenting final by voicing concerns about moody safety, in existence they ordinarily insist on simply removing what they want… since they can. Based on a observations of many attention experts, it is nothing other than a energy of rich trade unions accompanied by a inability to locate adequate of accessible pilots that have done a contention among a many overvalued ones in a Western hemisphere. After all, in sequence to turn a pilot, one doesn’t need some puzzling talent. All it takes is clever health, responsiveness, integrity and a set of impression traits permitting to understanding with stressful situations in correspondence with a set procedure. Everything else can be taught during aviation training.  

It takes as few as 21 months to acquire a commander permit for anyone but any before training and another 12-14 months of drifting with an instructor in sequence to amass a required series of quarrel hours. “Take, for instance, a sight driver. He or she is also obliged for protected transporting tens of people during a time. However, a sight motorist isn’t paid a third of what a commander is” says G. Ziemelis.

The supposing map of normal commander salaries shows a transparent opening in arrangement opposite opposite regions. Needless to say, a responsibilities of a €10000 ($12,000)-earning French or Irish commander would be gladly overtaken by a veteran with company-financed training, earning approx. 4,300 euros ($5,000) per month from Poland or Lithuania. “And we are articulate about gifted pilots from countries with low aviation traditions and plain training infrastructure. They fly since they are dedicated to their contention and simply adore a job, not since some trade kinship has managed to negotiate a integrate of combined perks or privileges,” commented a executive.

Substitute pilots – a extreme resolution to a dire problem
Avia Solutions Group, handling one of a largest commander centres in Eastern Europe BAA Training, has already entered several rough trusted contracts with vast carriers to sight a series of a supposed surrogate pilots. These companies are prepared to cover a cost of training new pilots for several years. Following their training, these pilots shall benefit a primary drifting knowledge and amass moody hours in smaller airlines. Then, if there’s a commander strike, a airline that has primarily lonesome his or her training, can call on a commander to fill in a dull chair on a proxy or permanent basis. This approach no commander on strike can concede normal business and approximately 350-500 surrogate pilots will be means to benefit knowledge drifting for a attention giants. It’s simply a win-win solution.

“It is elementary math, really. In sequence to sight a aforementioned series of surrogate pilots an airline would have to spend approx. 40 to 60 million euros ($ 50 to 70 million). Just let me remind we that a new report intrusion has already cost Ryanair in additional of 35 million euros ($ 41 million). And who in their sound mind would place their income on this being a usually time that pilots exclude to fly in a arriving decade? I, personally, wouldn’t,” pronounced Chairman of a Board during Avia Solutions Group G. Ziemelis. 

In a opinion of G. Ziemelis, a destiny belongs to such aviation companies that are not fearful of seeking assertive solutions to problems acted by a overly absolute trade unions. “If there’s a need, we will sight a whole abled-body race of Lithuania (around 300,000 people),” joked G. Ziemelis.

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