Aireon announces successful initial launch for space-based ads-b network

aireonAireon announces successful initial launch for space-based ads-b network

Aireon announced currently a successful launch and deployment of a initial 10 satellites hosting a space-based involuntary contingent notice promote (ADS-B) system.  Part of a Iridium NEXT satellite constellation, Aireon’s space-based ADS-B network will renovate atmosphere trade government capabilities, providing real-time atmosphere trade notice and moody tracking opposite 100 percent of a planet.  Currently, some-more than 70 percent of a earth, including oceanic and remote airspace, has no existent atmosphere trade surveillance.  Aireon congratulates Iridium Communications and a partners, including Thales Alenia Space, Orbital ATK and SpaceX, on a successful initial launch of a Iridium NEXT constellation, and looks brazen to additional successes.

“Today is a landmark impulse in story for tellurian atmosphere trade surveillance, atmosphere trade reserve and a aviation attention as a whole,” pronounced Don Thoma, CEO, Aireon. “This successful initial launch brings us one step closer to changing a approach a universe flies by enabling a ability to lane aircraft anywhere on a planet.  Once a tellurian ADS-B notice use is entirely deployed, any ADS-B versed aircraft can have a accurate plcae accounted for 24/7.”

Iridium has partnered with SpaceX for a array of 7 launches over a march of 18 months out of Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.  All 81 Iridium NEXT satellites are versed with a AireonSM payload.

Once in orbit, any satellite will bear endless contrast by a Iridium team. After approximately 40-60 days Iridium will hand-off a ADS-B payloads to Aireon for corroboration of on-orbit technical specifications. Aireon will afterwards control severe eccentric contrast and validation of a space-based ADS-B complement for approximately 60 days. As partial of this contrast and validation process, Aireon’s ADS-B receivers, that were made by Harris Corporation, will yield atmosphere trade notice information by a Aireon network to a Service Delivery Points (SDPs) during partners NAV CANADA, NATS, ENAV, a Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), as good as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

“Few technologies exist currently that by simply reimagining their doing can have such a dramatic, certain impact on safety, potency and a environment,” pronounced Neil Wilson, boss and CEO, NAV CANADA. “Aireon is staid to change atmosphere trade government over many of a planet, and we’re looking brazen to an aviation attention where everybody will reap a advantages of 100 percent tellurian atmosphere trade surveillance.”

Aireon, shaped by Iridium Communications and investors NAV CANADA, ENAV, a Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and Naviair, will be operational in 2018. The appearance of space-based ADS-B is approaching to uncover a conspicuous ability to boost reserve and potency while concurrently shortening hothouse gas emissions, as remarkable in studies conducted by a Flight Safety Foundation and Purdue University, in serve to sealed agreements with many of a world’s heading ANSPs.

“This launch signifies a commencement of a new epoch in atmosphere trade notice that would not have been probable but a implausible work of a gifted group and a support of all of a partner organizations,” pronounced Eamonn Brennan, arch executive of a Irish Aviation Authority. “This is a transformational record that will supply Aireon business with a many modernized atmosphere trade notice capabilities available.”

The network will also yield a new use famous as Aireon ALERTSM, a giveaway tellurian emergency-aircraft tracking use that will be hosted and operated by a IAA.  Earlier this year, Aireon also announced a partnership with FlightAware, and together launched a GlobalBeaconSM moody tracking service.  GlobalBeacon is designed to assistance airlines approve with a International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System (GADSS) requirements, and will yield airlines with minute-by-minute moody tracking data.

“Many congratulations to both Aireon and Iridium on a success of their initial launch,” pronounced Juliet Kennedy, operations executive for NATS. “We demeanour brazen to serve successes with a residue of a launch programme and what this will meant for operations over a North Atlantic, a world’s busiest area of oceanic airspace.”

About Aireon LLC

Aireon is deploying a global, space-based atmosphere trade notice complement for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) versed aircraft over a whole globe. For a initial time, Aireon will yield real-time ADS-B notice to oceanic, frigid and remote regions, as good as enlarge existent ground-based systems that are singular to human airspace. Aireon will strap subsequent era aviation notice technologies and extend them globally to significantly urge efficiency, raise safety, revoke emissions and yield cost assets advantages to all stakeholders. In partnership with heading ANSPs from around a world, NAV CANADA, ENAV, a Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and Naviair, as good as Iridium Communications, Aireon will have an operational, global, space-based atmosphere trade notice complement by 2018. For some-more information about Aireon, visit: .

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