Celebrating 25 years of a EU’s inner marketplace for aviation

Since a EU’s Internal Market for Aviation took off in 1992, atmosphere ride has been revolutionised. Today, atmosphere ride is cheaper, safer and open to some-more people than ever before with aviation ancillary scarcely 9 million jobs in a EU, and contributing over 621 billion euros to EU GDP (2014).

“With some-more than 900 million passengers annually Europe is one of world’s strongest aviation energy houses. Travellers advantage from low fares and immeasurable choices also generated by a EU’s Internal Market for Aviation. Beyond a mercantile grant of atmosphere ride there is a amicable and informative value for Europe. Let us continue to jointly work together to yield a best connectivity to a advantage of all Europeans and a continual certain growth of Europe’s tourism sector,” pronounced Thomas Reynaert, A4E’s Managing Director.

“We are celebrating a vital miracle as a Aviation Internal Market celebrates a 25th birthday. In that time, atmosphere ride has been revolutionised. Healthy foe between airlines has led to some-more destinations and reduce prices than ever before. At a same time, Europe has a unapproachable reserve record – one that passengers can have full certainty in when they travel,” said Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport.

A4E member CEOs join a European Commission in celebrating a 25th anniversary of a origination or a EU’s Internal Market for Aviation.

“easyJet was innate from a opening of Europe’s skies by a EU that democratised atmosphere ride for all. Since afterwards fares have plummeted and a operation of destinations has soared, enabling people to some-more simply live, work and holiday opposite Europe,” pronounced Carolyn McCall, CEO easyJet.

“The Single Market in aviation is a stand-out feat of a EU over a final 25 years. It has lowered airfares and enabled adults to ride openly all over Europe. However, we need to tackle long-standing hurdles such as a liaison of steady ATC strikes, that interrupt a ride skeleton of millions, and mislay incriminating aviation taxes and overpriced airfield monopolies,” pronounced Michael O’Leary, CEO Ryanair.

“It is a loyal payoff to bond Europe with a universe and Europeans with any other. We mount for an open and passive continent though nationalism. Travelling is some-more than only visiting places – it is about appreciating diversity. we am unapproachable to say: Our roots are in Germany, though Europe is the home,” pronounced Carsten Spohr, CEO Lufthansa Group.

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