Collinson research: Today’s traveller final some-more emancipation choice to assistance secure their loyalty

LONDON – A survey of 2,250 airline and hotel faithfulness programme members opposite a US, UK, UAE and Singapore from Collinson Latitude, partial of Collinson Group, reveals that many travellers design larger choice and coherence in how they redeem their faithfulness currency. The investigate shows that 3 buliding of faithfulness programme members are looking for some-more choice of rewards besides a normal offerings of flights and hotels. Over half (52%) described emancipation programmes usually charity these rewards as ‘dated’ and ‘old fashioned’.

In addition, a investigate also reaffirms a transparent blurb advantage for transport faithfulness programmes providing a broader emancipation offering, over their core inventory. 51% of airline members went on to book a moody and 53% of hotel members went on to book a hotel room (core inventory) following a emancipation on non-core register rewards such as electrical products or day experiences. 

Now in a second year, ‘The Value of Redemption’ consult also showcases a sold value of a broader emancipation tender for both inactive, as good as those members vital outward of a programmes core domestic market.        

For example:

Non-core register emancipation is critical for members with a tellurian footprint – Non-core register is some-more frequently redeemed than core register by members who were partial of a programme not formed in their home region. Over half (51%) of these members frequently redeem on non-core inventory, as against to 37% of members who frequently redeem on core items.

Non-core rewards expostulate re-engagement – Non-core rewards are really absolute in winning behind business who haven’t purchased from a code for some time (3 months); of a 59% of members who had reported that a emancipation had driven a re-engagement with their programme, 67% of members had redeemed on non-core register in comparison to 55% who had redeemed on core inventory.

“It’s fascinating to see a association and combined value that larger choice of rewards and non-core register has within faithfulness emancipation and on a transport brand’s bottom line. Giving a business larger choice on what they can spend (redeem) their points on and how they pay, is a pivotal priority for a programme that in spin keeps members intent and loyal” pronounced Madeleine Van Wilderen, Head of Commercial Partnerships during Flying Blue. “The discernment here of how non-core register can reactivate members is positively unchanging with what we have seen for a members vital outward of pivotal hubs. We are gay to be means to support all a members and assistance them get value from a programme wherever they live”.

This year’s investigate also finds that roughly 7/10 (66% of airline and 64% of hotel faithfulness programme members) would like to be means to redeem their points in sell outlets and over half (58% of airline and 48% of hotel members) determine that that a value of a faithfulness programme decreases if they can't redeem points in-store. This highlights once again that augmenting choice is a pivotal requirement to expostulate rendezvous for transport faithfulness programme members globally.

Guy Deslandes, E-commerce Sales Director, Collinson Latitude, partial of Collinson Group, said: “These commentary uncover that transport faithfulness programme providers contingency extend their member rendezvous capabilities so they can support for a changing and ever augmenting expectations of their members. Members wish their programmes to yield them with practice and rewards that fit their lifestyle so it’s needed that faithfulness programme providers have an ecosystem that allows for augmenting rendezvous touch-points. This is a outrageous event for brands, as we all demeanour to engage some-more firmly to a member’s bland lifestyles”.

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