IMEX predicts: Turning a concentration behind towards amiability will be executive to 2018 trends

After years when record has been revolutionising a meetings attention and accelerating a rate of change in how we live and work, in 2018 there will be a lapse to a concentration on people.

That is not to contend that new record innovations will not continue to renovate a universe around us. Guest supervision competence one day be entirely automated, large information and processes will have all communicating with everything, and new concepts such as Virtual Companions and A (Automated) – Commerce, a inheritor to e-commerce, will shortly be with us.

But during this time some-more people are seeking questions, via this attention and in society, about either people – and their lives, their feelings, their aspirations, their health and their minds – are being amply prioritised as multitude copes with hurdles and adapts to progress.

Here are 5 trends, any with people during a heart of a issue, that IMEX believes will be clearly clear and rarely successful in 2018.

1. Security
In 2016 in particular, certainty became one of a biggest hurdles of a time.

Subsequent events have brought a attention really many together, quite when joined in support of #VegasStrong during IMEX America 2017 and they have reinforced a need for vigilance, resilience, togetherness and globally recognized and concluded standards.

Attendees and staff during meetings and events of all forms need all a certainty and soundness that organisers and venues can give them that all probable has been finished to keep them safe.

It is a subject that contingency sojourn tip of mind and tip of a bulletin in 2018.

2. ‘Anti-tourism’, ‘over-tourism’ and a impact of a pity economy
In new months ‘anti-tourism’ and ‘over-tourism’ movements have come to a front in many cities. There has been an cheer from people who feel that too many tourism is deleterious their communities and their lives.

Rumblings of displeasure have been exacerbated in many areas by a blast in a use of services such as Airbnb and Uber. There is now a ‘kickback’ with insurgency heading to a negligence down in a expansion of these businesses. In a US, domestic issues such as a Bathroom Bill have led to a ‘weaponisation’ of travel. All these issues will continue by 2018; however, this presents a singular eventuality for a business events attention to conclude itself as graphic from convenience tourism. The attention contingency continue to strongly promulgate a brief and long-term advantages that meetings, events and inducement transport move to a end – both in terms of a high impact proceed benefits, as good as longer tenure surreptitious advantages compared with a growth of believe and creation economies.

Professor Greg Clark, who is advising several vital cities on how they should hoop urbanisation, will be pity his thoughts during IMEX in Frankfurt on a purpose of a meetings attention in assisting cities adjust to this issue.

3. Women in a attention – rising in prominence
The rising significance of diversity, quite around women in a workplace and career advancement, is critical opposite all sectors, and a meetings and events attention is no exception.

After an strenuous response to a corner investigate plan with tw tagungswirtschaft magazine, there were enormously certain reactions to a Women in Leadership receptions that took place during a shows in 2017.

As a consequence, IMEX has now launched, with tw, a initial ‘She Means Business’ discussion holding place on EduMonday (the day before to IMEX in Frankfurt 2018), giving women – and group – from opposite a universe a space to try a issues that matter. She Means Business has a array of moving speakers, all women who are trailblazers in their field, and is set to applaud a purpose of women in a industry, as good as providing conversation, partnership and learning.

4. The new age of anxiety
In Jun 2017 Alex Williams in a New York Times, after WH Auden’s strange Age of Anxiety 70 years ago, described a stream times as ‘the new age of anxiety’.  On college campuses, highlight is regulating good forward of basin as a many common mental health concern. He pronounced that a pester spinner is ‘the ideal embellishment for children of today.’

A consult carried out by MPI for IMEX suggested that usually 5% of a meetings professionals surveyed felt no highlight during work.

Skift dedicated a new annual large subject special book to ‘Travel in a age of Permanxiety.’ It described this as ‘a near-constant state of highlight exacerbated by hyper-connected adults regulating amicable platforms to emanate a state of permanent frenzy about a extensive list of issues from terrorism and Trumpism to record and mercantile gaps’.

Most employers and eventuality organisers are wakeful of this as a flourishing regard and are starting to put processes and comforts in place to assistance assuage it. In Oct a UK supervision published a Thriving during Work report, that puts a annual cost to a UK economy of bad mental health during adult to £99bn, of that about £42bn is borne by employers, before advising what needs to be finished to residence it. Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global debate is also putting a spotlight on this emanate and providing solutions.

Meanwhile, during IMEX exhibitions everybody can take caring of their wellbeing during a Be Well Lounge, where we run yoga and imagining sessions, as good as new white space areas that act as a place to unwind. The recognition of a many preparation sessions on health and wellbeing is a certain pointer that a attention is endangered about holding caring of a people.

5. Life 3.0 – when robots are replacing humans during work, what will humans do all day?
Economist Todd Buchholz, in his keynote during IMEX America 2017, cited worries about a outcome of AI and robots on pursuit certainty as one of a categorical causes of a ‘age of anxiety’. Louise Brownhill, arch training officer during PwC, recently quantified a intensity impact observant that “In 5 years, a third of tellurian jobs in veteran services firms will be transposed by AI.”  

This emanate is apropos monumental, described by some as a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ and by Professor Max Tegmark of Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a start of ‘Life 3.0.’ – “how can we grow a wealth by automation but withdrawal people lacking income and purpose?”

Robots will force us to be creative, says Sir Nicholas Serota, conduct of Arts Council England, highlighting a need to ability people to work in an variable proceed to changing environments.

Toby Walsh, Professor of Artificial Intelligence during a University of New South Wales, suggests that “we competence only work a shorter week. That was a box in a Industrial Revolution. Before a Industrial Revolution, many worked 60 hours per week. After a Industrial Revolution, work reduced to around 40 hours per week. The same could occur with a maturation AI Revolution.”

The outcome this will have on meetings and events is a subject of rising seductiveness with Event MB, for example, exploring a Rise of Artificial Intelligence and How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Events in a series of new calm pieces.
Although eventuality record is automating so many executive tasks, a hint of this attention is that it is a artistic tellurian led proceed that delivers results. At a heart this attention exists to move people together face-to-face in effective ways to assistance them grasp business and send ideas, to learn from one another and to build relationships.

While eventuality professionals need to be ever supportive to how AI and robots impact on a sectors that they work with and can't be complacent, a communication of people and being supportive to their needs and how they demonstrate them is an irreplaceable cause that is executive to arranging and regulating meetings and events.

Summing adult these trends, Carina Bauer, CEO of a IMEX Group, says: ”This is, as mostly said, ‘a people industry’ and while we foster and support technology, we contingency take note of these trends, and demeanour after a people, their health, their safety, their clarity of achievement and their futures.”

Many of these topics will be discussed during preparation sessions during IMEX in Frankfurt 2018 that takes place on 15-17 May. The IMEX group welcomes approaches from speakers and subject experts who can now contention event proposals online.

Sessions, that can be delivered in English or German, should tie in with one of a show’s 10 tracks, ‘Trends and Research’ being one of them. The others are: Business skills, Diversity, Health and wellbeing, Personal development, Technology, Creative learning, General education, Marketing/social media and Sustainability. The shutting deadline is 17 Jan 2018.

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