New news finds usually one-in-four employees unplug during vacation

WASHINGTON – The ubiquity of record has drastically altered a proceed Americans work and proceed downtime. According to a new news from Project: Time Off, The Tethered Vacation, many employees (46%) news that they check in with work spasmodic during vacation while smaller percentages are logging on frequently (27%) or holding a step to wholly unplug (27%).

Employees wish a assent of mind that connectivity provides, with an strenuous infancy (78%) observant they wish a ability to entrance work if they select to. 

“Many of us can work from anywhere, a pivotal disproportion is either we are creation that choice or carrying it done for us,” said Project: Time Off Chief of Research and Strategy Katie Denis. “In a always-on work world, it can be formidable to totally spin off, though many workers trust they are approaching to be manageable no matter where they are.”

The findings, formed on a GfK consult of 2,598 U.S. employees who can entrance work remotely, uncover that employees who are some-more plugged into a bureau leave some-more vacation time on a list and are some-more receptive to a barriers of holding time off. Sixty-two percent of employees who check in frequently while on vacation leave time off unused, compared to those who check in spasmodic (57%) and those who unplug (52%).

A company’s enlightenment around vacation and record is a context for their employees’ rendezvous and joining to a organization. Employees in cultures that support unplugging are some-more expected to feel valued (69% to 50%), cared about (64% to 43%), and that their pursuit is critical (73% to 57%). Two-in-five (40%) employees in cultures that do not support unplugging are looking or formulation to demeanour for a new pursuit in a subsequent year; usually one-in-five (21%) in understanding cultures contend a same.

Not usually is vacation critical for talent influence – it is also pivotal for attraction. Employees arrange vacation (19%) as one of their tip workplace advantages – second usually to health caring (36%). Vacation also beats out retirement skeleton (17%), coherence (15%), and even bonuses (5%).

“Time off is one of a many valued advantages employees accept and has a poignant impact on their rendezvous and joining to a company,” said Denis. “While it is not a china bullet, formulating a certain vacation enlightenment is a good place to jumpstart change with a advantage that unequivocally matters to people.”

Additional Findings 

  • Workplace connectivity transcends generation. Millennials – while technologically savvy—are not that opposite from a generations that convey them. Generation X is a many expected to contend they feel some-more gentle holding time off meaningful they can bond to work (82%). Millennials are closer to Boomers (77% to 75%, respectively) when asked a same question.
  • Employees who are pressured by a trainer to stay plugged in feel reduction valued (45% to 53%), reduction cared about (39% to 47%), and that their pursuit is reduction critical (59% to 62%). But employees who put vigour on themselves are no reduction expected to be intent than those who do not.
  • Even if managers are not categorically observant they design employees to be accessible during all times, their function sends a clever message. Just 14% of managers unplug themselves and with comparison leadership, it is even worse during usually 7 percent. The infancy are checking in during slightest once a day (63% of managers; 73% of comparison leaders).


GfK conducted an online consult from January 26-February 20, 2017 with 7,331 American workers, age 18+, who work some-more than 35 hours a week and accept paid time off from their employer. These information were weighted and scaled. The consult enclosed 2,598 employees who can entrance work remotely. This report looks exclusively during those employees.

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