Passengers face new delays and during slightest 200 cancellations during latest ATC strike in France

At slightest 200 moody cancellations and many delays have resulted from a latest ATC strike in Europe. In particular, control centres in Reims and Marseille have been on strike given Monday evening, forcing airlines to revoke their quarrel offerings in France and also services overflying France. The strike will continue until Wednesday morning.

“With two-thirds of all European ATC strike days holding place in France, European and French policy-makers need to exercise measures able of minimising Air Traffic Management disruption’s impact on travellers. More than 250 strike days given 2004 are adequate – we can't concede these well-paid atmosphere trade controllers to shorten a rights of millions of European passengers”, pronounced Thomas Reynaert, Managing Director of A4E.

A4E calls on a French supervision to use a arriving “Assises de la mobilité” (National Mobility Summit) on 19 Sep to brand new priorities in terms of mobility and ride and to cruise measures able of improving a predictability of strikes’ impact and diminution their repairs to a French and European economy.

“Given France’s geographical location, ATC strikes in France and a material prejudiced closure or a rebate of ability in French airspace extremely diminution a intensity for overflights in French airspace, and decreases a connectivity of and with other Member States”, combined Thomas Reynaert.

In June, a European Commission published a Communication “Aviation: an Open and Connected Europe” in an bid to raise airspace potency and connectivity. The Commission righteously encourages Member States and stakeholders, including amicable partners, to take movement to urge use smoothness in atmosphere trade management. Political, operational and technological solutions exist for a problem that affects a whole continent. Limiting a impact of Air Traffic Management strikes on travellers and business, but doubt controllers’ elemental right to strike, is a pivotal design of A4E.

Solutions A4E has called for ring a mandatory smallest of 72 hours presentation of appearance in a strike, that should be implemented by European States where probable and practical, and an top airspace expansion divided from geographical dependency  enabling European passengers to make undeviating journeys via a continent.

During a 2010-16 period, there were 217 ATC strike days in a EU – one disrupted day each 9 days. In total, there were 278 disrupted days if we take into comment a days before and after an ATC strike as flights had to be cancelled in allege and amassed delays spilt over to a subsequent day. Since 2010 a altogether impact of ATC strikes have cost €12 billion to a EU economy, compared with some-more than 140,000 jobs.

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