Hotel Review: The ICEHOTEL, Sweden

Ice-Hotel-03 Polar bear, frigid bear, frigid bear,’ we fuss underneath my breath. I’m kneeling in low drifts of sleet in a midst of a hunger tree timber perplexing to light a fire. The tiny smoke-stack of twigs and birchbark peelings, organised like a hashtag, is smouldering. A few mins ago there was a flame, though now we have eyefuls of smoke.

‘That’s it,’ says Johannes, a forest presence guide. ‘If we get fume in your eyes we have to contend frigid bear.’ Daft mutterings aside, in customarily over 3 hours he has taught us to light a glow with zero though flint and slimy twigs while knee-deep in snowdrifts, showed us how to tarry in a sirocco and done hunger needle tea – that took an hour to move to a boil on a unhappy forgive for a fire.


The conflict won, we flog sleet over a hard-fought fires and conduct behind to Sweden’s ICEHOTEL across a solidified Torne river. It’s this river, a final unsullied stream in Sweden, that gives adult 1,000 tonnes of solidified H2O any open to create-crystal transparent blocks of ice – many weighing over a tonne.

The solidified palace 


While a ICEHOTEL looks some-more like a low-slung igloo formidable when it emerges from a sleet any December, this year it has a taller sister hotel, a ICEHOTEL 365, that will be kept during -5°C all year round, definition we can nap on ice even in summer. It’s a 15-minute expostulate from Kiruna airfield in a north west – I’m above a Arctic Circle and, in December, object customarily hits a solidified sleet for around an hour a day. In January, there are just  20 mins of non-darkness.

I revisit a 27th ICEHOTEL customarily before Christmas. At this time of year a heat is customarily -15°C. This year, it’s hovering around 0°C, though feels a lot colder. Everyone gets one night ‘sleeping cold’; any of a art suites is a di erent fantastical ice landscape, any like sleeping in a di erent dream. Every year, a ICEHOTEL chooses a series of artists to emanate a icy rooms, though this year a series of suites in a new all-year-round hotel have their possess (warm) bathrooms and saunas, and ice armchairs, ice goblets and a bottle of bubbly. It feels like a Bond villain’s den from a Seventies.

To review Georgina’s full ICEHOTEL experience, sequence a duplicate of a Feb/March issue. 


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