11 reasons to book a glamorous Sicilian yacht holiday

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We’ve all dreamed of fasten a sailing elite, spending days relaxing on house costly yachts, and afternoons exploring overwhelming Sicilian towns.  

One lifelike track is to try Sicily’s Aeolian Islands.

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Located only north of mainland Sicily, a islands are famous for their singular volcanic landscapes.

From hiking active volcano Stromboli, to showering in sulphur sand baths, and tucking into Sicilian cuisine, there’s copiousness to keep we bustling both on and off a boat. 

Here are 11 reasons because it’s an journey value taking.

Sailing around a Aeolian Islands, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
Sailing around a Aeolian Islands, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

1. The landscapes

The island of Stromboli, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
The island of Stromboli, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

After drifting into Catania or Palermo on a Sicilian mainland, we competence mark a smoking limit of Mount Etna.

That’s only a spirit of what’s to come as we cruise towards a Aeolian Islands.

While Stromboli looks like a volcanoes we schooled about in geography, Vulcano is utterly opposite with projecting rocks in shades of orange and grey.

Arriving by vessel means you’ll get a perspective of a whole island shape, and constraint a best photos possible.

2. Relaxing during sea

Dolphins in Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
Dolphins in Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

With bright-blue, intelligible waters, a Tyrrhenian Sea could be mistaken for unreal destinations many serve afield.

The waters are inviting, about 25 degrees in September, and good for a discerning dump or some H2O sports.

Our squadron was versed with paddle play and inflatables, ideal for holidaymakers fancying a brew of journey and relaxation.

If you’re lucky, we competence even mark dolphins. 

Sailing around a Aeolian Islands, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
Sailing around a Aeolian Islands, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

3. Hiking Stromboli

Stromboli Volcano, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
Stromboli volcano, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

With all this speak of volcanoes, we can’t skip a event to stand one.

Stromboli volcano is active, with unchanging small-scale eruptions and, while we competence mark an orange heat from belligerent level, a best approach to take in a extreme ardour is by hiking to a top.

Tours run frequently and, while a travel is high and challenging, it’s expected to be a prominence of your trip.

Waiting on tip of a volcano, with a sweeping of stars above your head, and conference that ground-shattering rumble is something we won’t forget in a hurry.

The perspective of fiery prohibited lava being bearing adult in a atmosphere isn’t bad either.

Stromboli Volcano erupting, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
Stromboli volcano erupting, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

4. Delicious Sicilian cuisine

A week of eating uninformed pizza, pasta and antipasti is expected to interest to most.

Even better, Sicily has copiousness of juicy informal delicacies, including arancini (risotto balls lonesome in crispy breadcrumbs), pasta alla Norma (pasta with tomato, aubergine and ricotta), granita (flavoured ice) and cannolis (ricotta-filled crispy cones).

The diet competence be a small complicated on carbs, though you’ll work adult an ardour after swimming and hiking.

Cannoli in Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
Cannoli in Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

5. Exploring charming Salina

The second largest of a Aeolian Islands, Salina oozes charm, and provides some of a prettiest print spots.

Wander a categorical travel past white houses with bright, charming shutters, weathered doors and pleasing flowers.

You’ll get a feel for a delayed gait of life as we watch ladies putting tomatoes out to dry in a sun.

You’ll also find several lovable boutiques offered clothes, souvenirs, art and books. 

Salina, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
Salina, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

6. Vulcano’s Mud Baths  

While a smell of decaying eggs wafting towards we as we moor adult in Vulcano competence not be a acquire we were anticipating for, a sulphur has a perks.

The sand baths cost a few Euros to enter and, after cloaking yourself in a brownish-red slime, you’ll emerge with beautifully soothing skin.

Mud baths in Vulcano, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
Mud baths in Vulcano, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

7. Learn to sail

While some competence wish to spend their weeks sunbathing on a deck, others can try their palm during sailing.

The lerned skippers will learn we all we wish to know, from lifting a sails and dropping a anchor, to navigation, continue and more.

Once we enter a marinas, it’s literally all hands on deck; idle lines, throwing ropes and restraining a ideal bowline.

8. Wine tasting

Sicily’s fruitful dirt and prolonged summers make a wines from a segment additional special.

Many are done from a malvasia grape variety, and a best approach to find out some-more is by engagement a wine-tasting experience.

Take a outing to Hauner and suffer a implausible perspective as we representation wines and juicy Italian snacks.

Wine tasting during Hauner in Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
Wine tasting during Hauner in Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

9. Glamorous evenings 

Lipari is a largest of a Aeolian Islands and cooking in a buzzy categorical city is a poetic approach to tell after a day sailing.

The stylish restaurants offer outside seating, uninformed seafood, juicy pasta and Sicilian wine.

Plus if we have space for dessert, sequence a cannoli from a travel transport and watch as they fill it with uninformed ricotta.

Lipari, Sicily during night (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
Lipari, Sicily during night (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

10. Dreamy sunsets

Sunsets in a Aeolian Islands are flattering special, either you’re sailing into a dusk object or throwing it in a brook as we dump a anchor for a night.

One of a best we saw was from a island of Vulcano, with a conformation of volcanic rocks opposite a charming sky. 

Sunset in Vulcano, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)
Sunset in Vulcano, Sicily (Picture: Chloe Gunning)

11. Luxury lifestyle on a budget            

You’d design a week sailing around Sicily to mangle a bank, though this route costs underneath £650 a person, that includes a cabin to nap in and dual dishes a day.

It means we can save your Euros for a evenings on shore, dining during imagination restaurants, sipping Sicilian booze and rubbing shoulders with skippers.

MedSailors Sicily (Picture: Rebecca Huff)
MedSailors Sicily (Picture: Rebecca Huff)

How to get there

To strech a Aeolian Islands you’ll need to fly to Palermo or Catania in Sicily.

British Airways and EasyJet both fly approach from London to Catania with flights starting around £82 return.

Ryanair and EasyJet both fly from London to Palermo, with flights starting around £57 return.

From both airports, it’s a two-hour expostulate to get to Portorosa Marina.

Find out some-more about MedSailors here.

Chloe Gunning is a blogger and artistic producer. You can follow Chloe’s travels at wanderlustchloe.com and on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

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