Oliver’s Travels is a site dedicated to ranking how veggie-friendly countries are

Oliver's Travels is a site dedicated to ranking how veggie-friendly countries are
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Travelling when you’re a vegetarian or vegan can be a pain in a proverbial.

It’s ok during home – we know where to eat and we can prepare adult all kinds of tasty plant-based food.

But on holiday, we can find yourself being forced to food down on side salads and rice.

It’s like vegetarianism has totally skipped some tools of a globe.

Fortunately, there’s now a unequivocally elementary approach of formulation your travels and creation certain that we sojourn good fed as we go.

Travel website Oliver’s Travels have put together a map of a world’s many vegetarian-friendly countries.

Taking 3 factors into account, a altogether Global Vegetarian Index Score for any republic is formed on normal beef expenditure per capita, a series of veggie restaurants accessible and a series of restaurants in propinquity to race size.

Oliver's Travels is a site dedicated to ranking how veggie-friendly countries are
(Picture: Oliver’s Travels)

It’s not a extensive investigation into any country’s diary habits though it is a flattering elementary approach of anticipating out where plant-based eaters competence have an easier time of it on their travels.

So, that countries come out top?

According to a study, Seychelles is strictly a best nation for non-meat eaters, with Thailand and Malaysia following tighten behind.

‘Seychelles’ tip measure is driven by a high series of vegetarian-friendly restaurants in propinquity to a tiny population, alongside a low annual beef consumption. In Seychelles a usually 35.6kg of beef per capita is consumed annually – to put that into context, a USA consumes a large 120.2kg per capita of beef annually,’ a association says.

Although America comes off misfortune for beef consumption, it also ranks rarely for a series of vegetarian-friendly restaurants (although a nation is huge so you’d design that).

If, however, you’re meditative of travelling closer to home, a staycation competence be your best gamble – a UK has been crowned Europe’s many veggie-friendly country (soz, Germany).

Most veggie-friendly countries in a world

Africa: Seychelles

Asia: Thailand

Europe: United Kingdom

North America: Belize

South America: Peru

Oceania: Solomon Islands

Down a really bottom of a list are countries like Venezuela (home of steak), Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The list is dominated by Asiatic countries (Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia all entrance top), with a UK usually entrance in during series nine.

So if we wish to eat your fill of tasty meat-free grub, we competence wish to consider about heading east.

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