Sushi party infatuation body nude model in Japan

In Japan, to enjoy a meal of sushi carefully displayed on the body of the female nude, diners have to spend a million yen (about 9 thousand dollar). To serve sushi meal cost one million yen, the girls was selected as “a table” must be virgins to ensure purity and cleanliness for pabulums presented on their bodies. They were called by name “Geisha” (or prostitute). Furthermore, their appearance must be gorgeous and especially their body must be sexy.

Sushi is shown on the body of the girl.
Meals on virgins’s bodies are called Nyotaimori. Any girls who wants to become a Geisha must learn a lot of skills such as playing traditional instruments, flower arrangment, calligraphy, dance, tea ceremony, makeup, conversation, vocal art … In addition, to be chosen to learned Nyotaimori, these girls experienced an extremely arduous process. They had to lie completely motionless for 4 hours. The judge will put 6 eggs in 6 different points on their bodies. During this period, the supervisor will repeatedly test their reaction by dropping ice cubes on any point on their bodies. If any of the eggs be moved, the process will be begun from the inventory. Before starting a Nyotaimori catering shift, Geisha will have to take a shower many times. Sushies are presented on their bodies in many different ways. Sensitive parts of the body will be covered with flower petals or leaves, and hair is pulled down and let it falls to its full length near the floor. The room temperature is kept at a low level to prevent sushies from being warm because they are presented directly on the skin of the Geisha. This form encountered fierce opposition from Western countries. They claimed that this is an old-fashioned custom lowering the dignity of the women. A Chinese restaurant was also heavily fined for putting this form into its menu, while the Chinese government has also banned “body sushi”. But in Japan the form of “body sushi” still occurs in some restaurants in Tokyo, Osaka …

Nyotaimori is one of the traditional culture of Japan, kimono-like Sumo and so on!

To prepare for a feast nyotaimori, geisha must spend more than 1 hour and a half to wash thoroughly.

Do not use any scented soaps to bath. The reason is not to affect the taste of food

Nyotaimori the eyes of people who love tradition, is the expression of the service has reached the pinnacle of the art.

On the girl’s body, it presents pieces of fresh fish with tomato rice lining around the place can such as the chest, abdomen, legs …

The organizers, the participants in this strange ritual and proponents often argue that nyotaimori is an art form.

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