TOP 7 Things To Do in Copenhagen – Denmark

Published on 12.10.2020 by

If your question is what to do in Copenhagen? Here are the TOP 7 things to do in Copenhagen.

The first stop is the Little mermaid, and for a lot of people when they come to Copenhagen, Denmark, this is always their first stop. But for some people including me this little mermaid leaves some room for disappointment because when you see a picture of it you expect to see a big mermaid but when you actually get there it is quite small.

We went also to a place that is good for a walk or running in Copenhagen that is called Kastellet, very green and it is in a form of a star.

After that we got to Nyhavn which is the famous part of the city with the coloured houses, lots of restaurants and bars and guess what, ice cream there is amazing.

The Copenhagen city centre was our fourth stop but there was nothing extraordinary there.

Fifth stop was the tivoli gardens in Copenhagen, it is a very beautiful place to spend an afternoon and if you are into amusement parks this one has some rollercoasters also.

Sixth stop was the Rosenberg Castle which at the time I was there is was closed but the Kings Garden in front of it was quite beautiful for a morning walk.

Last but not least was the botanical garden, this one was where I spent lots of time just relaxing and listening to the birds. Its really a quiet place without any city noise, only nature.

If you don’t know what to do in Copenhagen and you are there for one day or two visit these places: Kastellet, Little Mermaid, Nyhavn, City Centre, Tivoli Gardens, Rosenborg Castle, Kings Garden and The Botanical Garden.


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